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My Travel Map

24 May 2006

Perth, Fremantle and now...Singapore

Hey everybody, sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have had some trouble recently finding an internet place that will let me plug in my camera!
I'm currently in Singapore visiting a friend from uni, Rakhil. Rakhil is working here in Singapore now, and has been gracious enough to let me stay with him while I am here.
As for an update, I spent four days in Fremantle, which is a small city just outside of Perth on Australia's west coast. Fremantle was amazing; it is one of those places that just made me feel immediately at home. My first day there, I went to an Aussie rules football match to see the Fremantle (Freo) Dockers play against the Melbourne Kangaroos. Freo dominated the Kangaroos, which just heightened the atmosphere, since the locals really love their team.
Fremantle itself is a beautiful old port city. You will have to wait and see the pics of the buildings there, but the entire city center has streets lined with these short buildings made in this amazing Australian hybrid style. By hybrid, I mean that the buildings look like a combination of Victorian, Mediterranean and several other building styles. Anyway, the whole town is just stunningly beautiful and pleasant. The best part about it is the local lifestyle. They are right on the Indian Ocean, so there are beaches with this amazingly clear blue water; there are also tons and tons of cafes, bistros, used bookshops, art galleries, and various other really interesting shops. There are also two massive stall markets...genuine, local markets too. I wandered those for ages in the various shops...everything from a Tibetan goods store to a didgeridoo store that gives free lessons to anyone interested (and let me tell you those things are quite difficult to play). A lot of the people there lead this really bohemian lifestyle, which I love. It reminded me a lot of Boulde, Colorado; Fremantle is definately a place in which I could see myself living very happily.
Perth was nice too...I wandered around city center on one of my days there. However, my recommendation to anyone that goes there is this: Perth is worth checking out, but Fremantle is worth getting lost in.
So, when I get the chance to update with pictures, I will do so, and I will also write more about Singapore then. I'm learning a lot about this little island city-nation...and it is extremely interesting! More to come!

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Mom said...

Thanks, Drew ~ What a great treat it was to see your new postings! I want to jump on a plane right now and join you!!!! And not just because I miss you...

Thank you for sharing the experience with all of us!