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My Travel Map

24 May 2006


I love this place...

AFL (Aussie Football League) game at Subiaco Stadium, Perth. This is a rugged is kind of a hybrid of soccer and rugby, and for those of you familiar with Irish football, it is very similar to that. Like rugby, the players have no pads at all and they hit each other full force at high speeds. Like soccer, a team scores by getting the ball through posts at the opponents end of the field. I'm pretty sure there are 18 players on each side! Lots of guys out on the field, which is massive by the way. That '50' line in the picture is a 50 meter (almost the same as 50 yards) distance marker from the center of the posts...note that you cannot even make out the 50 line on the other end of the field. It's a highly entertaining game and I've been hooked on it! I'm going to have to subscribe to Fox Sports World so that I can catch the odd game when I get home!

High St, one of Freo's main drags. Along here, you can find a ton of little shops like second hand bookstores, art galleries, and even an army surplus place!

Yes, they have beaches too...just the icing on the cake and another reason why Freo is one of my new favorite places in the world! This was my fist glimpse of the Indian Ocean. The water was chilly but crystal clear!

Building at Freo's city center

This was Market St, aka Cafe Strip. The street was lined with cafe's and bistros and bakeries...sooooooooooo awesome. Freo is often related to a Mediterranean town...if thats the case then I need to go to the Mediterranean! In the background, right before the tower, is Freo's main market. Inside were shops with goods from all over the world, tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, baked goods, and anything else you can think of too! I could easily be entertained all day just wandering the market and divulging in all the colors, smells, and tastes.

Beautiful B+B on one of the side streets between Market St. and Freo's massive park area. The courtyard behind the gate was amazing. I will definately stay there when I return later in life (later in life meaning earning more money, of course)

Yet another beautiful building in Freo...seriously, all the buildings in city center are like this...can anyone name the style???

This was actually taken in Alice, but it goes with the next two concerning Aussie skies

Sunset at the entrance to Fremantle Harbour

There is just something so different about the Australian seems so much bigger yet distant.

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Mom said...

Hi Hon! The buildings you've shown remind me a lot of the ones I've seen in Barbados. There is a bit of Spanish, English and tropics all mixed up in them ~ with a beautiful result. They somehow feel 'right' for the climate... They are solid and look like they would be 'cool' inside ~ yet they aren't too tall ~ they don't invade the sky or block the lush landscape. They fit. I'm not sure of the name of the building style but I'll let you know if I ever find out! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!11