My Travel Map

My Travel Map

22 April 2006

Whoa who is that guy?

Opera House

Looks to be like some hungover koalas at the Toronga Zoo...a quick ferry trip across the Sydney Harbour

Missy, this one is for you...a sleepy wombat
a lazy kangaroo...these animals have it made eh???

Beautiful view of Sydney across the harbour from the Torongo Zoo. This was at the bird show venue, which was amazing. The crafty Aussie zookeepers somehow managed to train all these different types of native Aus birds, from cockatoos to owls to eagles, to fly very close over the top of the crowd and do various tricks...amazing for sure!
More to come soon!

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Mom said...

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the pictures. You are doing an awsome job with this blog. I almost feel like I'm there with you! And the pictures of you make me feel a lot more comfortable. Hope you meet some really nice people and continue having a great time!!! Love, Mom