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My Travel Map

02 April 2006

Hostel Tour

So this post is for those of you that have never stayed in a hostel before and don't really know what they are like. This is your virtual tour. So the hostel you see here is called Base Backpackers, and it is located in Auckland, NZ. Base is a well-known chain through NZ and Aus with seven hostels in various areas. It was a Base that I stayed in in Christchurch as well, where I had the party in a brothel experience.
So this is the outside of the hostel. As you can see it is not a sketchy whole in the wall. It is its own building with 7 stories of cheap and affordable rooms and accomidations. This is one of the nicer hostels for certain, but most of the accomidations are universal to hostels. The price for one night in the dorms usually ranges from US$10 - 20 per night...but that gets you a lot of stuff, as you will soon see.

This is the front desk and ground floor of Base Auckland. The staff is super friendly and can direct you to anything from the nearest thrill or sight to the local grocery store. Also notice the travel agents in the room to the back. They can book you literally anything you want on either island. Very convenient.

This picture turned out kind of dark. This is the mess hall on the first floor. There are tables here for those that decide to dine in house for US$4-6 per meal (lots of food). Also there is a pool table and flat screen tv here as well as an adjoining bar with really cheap drink specials for happy hour. For example, it is NZ$5 (approx US$3.75) for 2.5 pints ( a mini pitcher) of the local draught...nice.

This is the internet/phone lounge with large table for planning upcoming journeys. I dont use the internet in the hostels however since the local places are soooo much cheaper. Hostel: 1hr internet: NZ$5.00; Korean place just down the street: 1hr internet plus pictures and stuff: NZ$2.00.... thank you Koreans.

This is the hostels kitchen. As most backpackers are extremely poor, most hostels have full kitchens. So what you do is, you check in, go to the nearest grocery store and buy cheap local food. Then cook the cheap local food in the kitchen. Easy squeezy, lemon peezy...or however that goes.

This is the outdoor lounge. Here it is a balcony on the 7th floor overlooking the harbour. Nice eh?!? Most hostels also have these for those that like to dine outside or just plain out hang out in the sun.

And last but not least: the dorm. This is a 12 bed dorm (the one I am sleeping in). I have a key card that only lets me into this room...which is really nice for security. There are also lock boxes under the beds...also nice. The other people in the dorm are quite nice. They are co-ed, as are the bathrooms. I didnt get a picture of the bathrooms, but they are just like in college. Co-ed with lots of stalls of showers and toilets and a wall full of sinks and mirrors. They get the job done.


Neal said...

One of the things I have been struggling with is how much of my winter-over gear I'll be able to travel with. If I were to end up somewhere like the dorm that you're in, I would have to travel pretty light.
How much have you brought with you on your trip?

Drew said...

neal: i will reply to your blog too...but for everyone that reads this, I have with me:

1 backpack filled with:
2 t-shirts
2 polos
1 dress shirt
1 pair khakis
1 pair hiking pants
1 pair hiking shorts
1 pair adidas shorts (for sleeping)
4 pairs socks
5 underwair
1 pair shoes
1 pair flip flops
1 hat
1 rain jacket
1 hoody
bug spray
sun block
combo lock
small first aid kit
bathroom kit
travel docs
swimmers goggles

i think thats about it...i packed super light for this, but im finding it wasnt even light enough. so i recommend getting a storage locker or mailing a lot of stuff home! travel as light as physically possible for the most comfort!