My Travel Map

My Travel Map

03 April 2006

Auckland to New Plymouth

Hey everybody, no pics with this post, but I promise to have them soon

New Zealand is Heaven...for me at least. For anybody that comes here, I highly recommend splurging on a rental car. There were so many places today on the bus ride where I wanted to just stop and sit and enjoy the scenery (or take a picture). Driving NZ's intercity roadways is like driving through a never-ending series of picture perfect postcards. The scenery is indescribably beautiful. On the 7 hour trip I went from seeing the North Island's Hill Country, which is the terrain used for the Shire in the Lord of the Rings: bright green rolling hills sprinkled with trees and lots of farmland , to mountainous rainforested valleys with rivers and streams flowing throughout.
Im in New Plymouth now, which is famous for two things: Mt. Taranaki and surf. I still havent seen Mt. Taranaki yet since it is perpetually shrowded in clouds...but if it peeks through, I will get a pic. It is supposedly a perfect cone volcanic mountain with a snowy peak. I really hope I get a glimpse of it! So I am here for the rest of the day today (Tues) and tomorrow before heading to Wellington, NZ's capital, on Thurs.
More to come!


Susan said...

Hi Drew. thanks for putting in the pictures of the are right, it does put minds at ease. Quite a nice place, and good view up top! Not sure if I could handle 12 per room, but then, makes like interesting. I gather that NZ if your totally favourite place...but let's see if that sticks when you are finished your travels! Take Susan

Neal said...

Your tour of the world is like a connect-the-dots guide for travel. Keep it coming.
The sun has gone down here. We've had high winds and some low visibility. It makes going outside a bit of an adventure. We should start seeing auroras here in a few days. I'll post as many pics of that as I can.

LMT said...

Hi Drew,

Did you say you were saving your money for bungy jumping? And what's with the "brothel"?

It sounds like you will have lots of interesting stories when you get home.

Glad you are having such a good earned it.

Love Dad

Calvin Leonard said...

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