My Travel Map

My Travel Map

01 April 2006

And finally....PICTURES!!!

I promised pics...and here they are! Im in New Zealand now and loving it as always...even their biggest city is friendly and mostly inviting. Kiwis rule.
Pic above: Me at Club I said...Surfer's Paradise...

Our shelter from the sun at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes....that is James walking down the beach. Notice the dunes in the distance....they were massive

Natadola Beach...none of my pictures do it any was beautiful beyond any words or image

The Kavaholics jamming out. The bowl in the middle is the ceremonial kava bowl. Good times

My Fiji crew (minus Barrett). From left to right: Brett from Austin, Texas. Charlie from England. And of course the other three Brits: James, Olivia, and Andy!!!

Sunset from the beach at Horizon Beach Hostel...yea it was that good for only Fiji$10 a night

Looking out at the water from the Horizon beach

Make out a red telephone booth with Big Ben in behind at night...tried to be artistic here...oh well

The modern art center in reminded me of one of the ministries out of Orwell's 1984

British Parliament from across the Thames. The bridge is the Westminster Bridge...Kamila and Jaffa live right on that road...sweet location for sightseeing indeed

The London Eye

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Great pictures.