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24 December 2005

The South Pole: Early Christmas Morning 2005

Here you go everybody, my first pics from the bottom of the world: the South Pole.
And believe it or not, these pictures were taken at 1:00 AM on Christmas Day... remember the 24 hour sunlight!
This is it. The South Pole. Yes, it is candy cane striped, and has a nice shiny ball on top. The flags in behind are from all of the countries that have Antarctic programs (no Canada though...I'll have to talk to somebody about that one, but I guess we do have the North Pole). In behind you can see the new station. It is still under construction, but most operations have been moved into it. That is also the building I am sleeping in.

Here I am at the South Pole, in most of my gear too. Its hard to believe it is 30 below and that I am kneeling on nearly 3 kilometers (about 1.8 miles) of solid ice.

I had to take the classic "reflection shot." That is me holding the camera and taking a shot of my own reflection in the ball on top of the pole.

This is the dome that used to be the primary station. It is scheduled for demolition and shipment to California after the new station is up. You can also see the tubes that are used to reinforce the system of tunnels through the ice around the station...very cool, and I don't mean just the temperature inside.

And don't worry, we have a Christmas tree here too.


newton said...

Hey Drew,

We're all over at Mom and Moe's checking out the pictures of you at the pole. Glad to see a smile and your face and the sun in your eyes at 1:00 am!!! We've all been thinking of you and although she was fairly persistant we didn't let Catherine open your gifts. I wrote in a card to your fam that "home is where the heart is.". I think that today we are all freezing our asses off with you. So from all of us, a merry Christams to you. Love you bro!


P.S. This is Mom now... We love you sooooooooooo much and you have been a constant presence with all of us this Christmas - I'll write more later.

newton said...

drew, a quick Merry Christmas from Uncle Deryck and me. How the heck can you sleep with 24 hours of sunlight? Your gift from us is under the tree and heading back to Pittsburg for when you get there in Feb. Grandpa and Max are having a snooze on the couch right now while everyone is upstairs eating pie. So now that Grandma has gone to the trouble of making mincemeat pie for Moe, Moe decides he doesn't like it unless he has vanilla ice cream. And yes, you guessed it, no vanilla ice cream.
Grandma is quite happy to have had the tail off the bird and you can only imagine what one liners she has to say about that. Shona is having a good time, but it's so obvious she's missing you, as we all do. But we'll all see eachother real soon.
Gotta get back upstairs to the dishes so Drew, I'll say see you later for now.

Cath said...

Hey Drew!

We really missed you over the past couple of days! It's not the same in Welland without you. I heard you are going to be visiting Canada in February. It would be fun if you could come party in Kingston.
Congratulations on your graduation. Smartie pants!
Love you,

LMT said...

Hi Drew,

Missed you over the weekend but you were in our hearts. Everyone was impressed with your blog! A bit of jealousy too when they saw the pictures...all wanted to be there with you. It is at least one spot you beat Uncle Rob and Aunt Eloise to visit (they were trying to figure out where they would like to visit next and had a hard time coming up with a place they haven't seen.

I haven't booked your big trip yet...I PROMISEe that I will do this next week (there are reasons...I'll explain to you later when you return).

Looking forward to your next installment.

Love Dad

Susan said...

Hi Drew. It was great talking to you on Christmas day Gramm and Poppa still can't believe they talked to you all the way from the South Pole We all missed you and we can't wait to hear all your stories....keep posting the pictures...they are fantastic!

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Hi. Neal, your co-south-pole-blogger, pointed me in your direction. I loved the photos - and I think the whimsical touch of the south pole actually being a red-and-white candy striped thing is great!