My Travel Map

My Travel Map

20 December 2005

Christchurch intersection. I love that building in the background. The architecture here is very unique. It is a great escape from the cookie-cutter styles of the States.

View of the Avon River that flows right through town. All the banks are lined with trees and grass like this. The entire run of it is very scenic and beautiful.

Fountain in the Botanical Gardens, one of the city's many parks. The whole city is so green from all of these parks. They are also very well used by the locals, who are very fitness and outdoors oriented.

Trolly going down a scenic avenue.

Cathedral in town center. There is a city center square all around this area that acts as the heart of Christchurch. There were street performers, a market, countless shops, statues, and a massive chess board that always was being used. Christchurch is a lovely town with very friendly locals.

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Mom said...

Loved the new pictures! And looking forward to some from New Zealand soon!