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My Travel Map

16 December 2005

From Summer '04 in Puerto Rico

Looking back on Old San Juan from El Morro

REU 2004 Students at Arecibo Observatory: the world's largest radio telescope. This is the massive dish that appears in the movies James Bond: Goldeneye and Contact

This is a waterfall we swam in at El Junque, Puerto Rico's rainforest national park.

These two pictures are from Playa Crashboat, which was one of my favorite beaches on the island. The top picture is me doing a dive off of that pole. It was about a 25 foot drop to the water below, which was crystal clear and about 30 feet deep at the end of this pier. The bottom pic shows Megan preparing for her dive, and this pic also gives a great shot of the beach in behind her.

This was Bahia del Sol on Vieques island. The beach was a massive semi-circle that stretched into the distance. It was very beautiful, especially considering that there weren't any hotels within miles of the beach. Like Playa Flamenco on Culebra Island, visitors that wished to stay overnight had to pitch a tent or sling a hammock and camp, which was amazing. Another really cool part was the phosphorescent bay a few miles hike away. Seeing the water light up around you as you swam was a unique experience.

San Juan at sunset. Old San Juan was indescribably beautiful and unique. I really loved its blue cobblestone streets, old Spanish style buildings, and of course, El Morro: its Spanish fort. Oh, and the pina colladas were to die for, which is expected since Puerto Rico claims to be the birthplace of the tropical drink's recipe.

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