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My Travel Map

30 July 2011

Szentendre, Hungary

Just a short train ride from Budapest, lies the pleasant little riverside town of Szentendre, a perfect daytrip getaway from the big city. The town lies in the beautiful Danube Bend region, so if you feel like exploring more around there, it makes for a great base for that also.

The old city center is pedestrians only, and it is very old...there are Roman ruins here as well.

In the Fo Ter (city's central square) stands the Plague Cross, erected to commemorate that dark period in European history.

Szentendre has become a popular tourist destination, most of whom come out for the day from Budapest (like we did). There are a bunch of great cafes and little shops catering to this. Though it's not at all hard to wander off the main track and find more quiet, laid-back parts of town.

Charming, pleasant, nice detail...all can easily describe it here.

We had lunch at this Mythos Cafe...very good food and great wine. I highly recommend the goulash soup! This fountain was really neat too...the lamb carrying the banner on top is on the coat of arms for the town.

Some spectacular woodwork here...Szentendre has a thriving arts community.

Looking out over the town hugging the hills. The mountain biking is apparently quite good around here.

The ever present cellar!

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