My Travel Map

My Travel Map

31 August 2006

Boulder, Colorado

Ahh...the Flatirons and Chautauqua Park
It's so good to be back here.

Just another beautiful forest scene on comes across hiking out here

The city of Boulder seen from the mountains

The remains of a rockslide on the way up to the first Flatiron

Sunset as seen over the mountains from my new apartment's balcony....oh yes, I get to see that every night and it never gets old!

Hot air balloons seen from my apartment in the morning. Those guys are out there almost every morning! My favorite balloon has to be the green one with a massive white shamrock.

Another shot of the first and second Flatirons
As with mostly everything else, it is impossible to fully grasp the beauty and shear size of these rocks and peaks.

Sunflowers run all along the sides of many of the lower elevation trails in Chautauqua park.

A great view of the Front Range looking North from Chautauqua

Tempted to follow it? This is just a little teaser. I'll keep the pictures coming as I explore more and more around here. I love it out here so much. The mountains are beautiful. The town of Boulder has so much to do whether it be relaxing on campus, playing in the parks, or shopping and socializing downtown. And the icing on the cake are the people. The people here are very friendly and active. Anyway, more to come!


Neal said...

Thanks for pictures of home. Just wait until the snow starts falling, then it really gets interesting.

Mom said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Just makes me want to get out there even sooner! It would be great if you could take a picture or two of the University campus and of the main street in Boulder... Actually, any pictures will do but I really want to see another "self portrait" soon!!! I miss you whole bunches! Love, Mom