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My Travel Map

01 January 2011

Cataratas del Iguazú, Argentina

I crossed the bridge and the border into Argentina. The town on the Argentine side is much smaller than the city on the Brazilian side, yet like Brazil, the national park, and the falls, are still several miles from town.

The Argentine side gets you up close and personal with the falls. There are walkways both along the top and the bottom of the cascades.

There are several different levels where the water pools before cascading over and down

Looking over the top of a waterfall and across to the hotel on the Brazilian side

A nice example of how close you can get... both above and below.

I had a spectacular day there... it started out overcast, but by the end of the day it had cleared up nicely

It wasn't all up close...the Argentine side also has a lot of trails through the forest and several places with sweeping views

It's impossible to convey just how much water is rushing over this part of the falls. It had gouged a massive and deep trough too and was obviously still very much at work making it deeper. The noise coming from this part was thunderous.

Thankfully that boat (which is actually quite large) gives a good sense of scale

These guys were just hanging out watching all the people go by...

The showpiece on the Argentine side has got to be the Garganta del Diablo, the Devil's Throat, which is the largest of the falls....and it is enormous. Watching the turbulent water falling and cascading down is absolutely hypnotizing.

If ever there, you need to check out both sides of the falls...amazing and totally beautiful place.

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