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02 February 2016

Convict Lake, California

This will just be a super quick post on some Sierra Nevada beauty around Convict Lake.  Convict Lake sits in the Eastern Sierra just south of the Mammoth Mountain ski area.

Looking back at the lake and the Owens Valley behind it.  The official campground at the lake is on the far side, around the patch of green seen here in the center of the picture.  There are trails that circumnavigate the lake and also one that leads up to the vantage point where this picture was taken.

Laurel Mountain dominates the landscape around the crystal clear, deep, cold water of Convict Lake.  The lake itself is natural (unlike many of the reservoirs throughout the Sierra)

The trail into the canyon starts in a beautiful little aspen grove at the opposite side of the lake from the campground.

This trail continues up the canyon for several miles... it is a beautiful and rewarding hike.

The geology of the Sierra Nevada is spectacular... the metamorphic rock displays a rainbow of colors.

This canyon wall (on the east side) is quite imposing and impressive, and I just loved the contrast of colors here.

At the top of the canyon, you are treated to this wonderful site: another lake basin.  There are actually several lakes up here.  I definitely want to return there for some high altitude backcountry camping around here at some point.

Back at the campsite, we were treated to a beautiful sunset, with the sky morphing into an ever changing canvas for a wonderful display of light, color, and contrast.

And sunrise wasn't too bad either.

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