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03 June 2007

Camping at 11-Mile Reservoir

Sunset over the reservoir. 11-Mile Reservoir State Park provides some awesome backcountry camping spots. The spots are all on a large, rounded peninsula that is surrounded by massive boulders and shaded by tall mountain pines. Perfect place for a relaxing weekend, which is exactly why we chose it to spend the 3 days of Memorial Day weekend.

Looking out over the reservoir on a clear morning at the grassy slopes and continental divide in the far distance. I haven't figured out which mountains these are yet, but I'm pretty sure they are some of the collegiate peaks (all 14ers named after Ivy League schools). Anyway, looking around at this place feels like you are in a movie, or some kind of fantasy tale...truly awe inspiring.

Another look out across the res. Unfortunately, there is no swimming here since the water is used as drinking water, but the rocks are perfect for rock jumping. Funny too that people aren't allowed to swim in it, but they are allowed to run their boats...must have something to do with the ease of filtering out oil and exhaust from the boats as opposed to whatever humans will leave in there?

A view of several of the sites around the res. These are kind of exposed...ours were much better I think...although these people didn't have to work as much (mild rock climbing) for the awesome views.

Another look out...I just couldn't take enough pictures here. Notice how blue the water looks in this picture...remember that for later.

This was also taken at sunset; I loved how the grass on the other shore was totally lit up while everything else was dark.

A shot looking down at our campsite with Laura, Anna, Marcin and the doggies: Bailey and Mattie!

We only had a touch of rain over the three was perfect weather really. The rain didn't last long enough to wet anything through...and the clouds made for an awesome show around the res.

Sunset seen from our site.

Some perspective for the size of these rocks...Mattias (the Swede standing at the top in his celebratory stance) is like 6'4'' or something....excellent example of your average stereotypical Swede. Marcin is also demonstrating the many uses for the boulders, in this case, as a recliner. It was a great weekend with some good friends in a breathtaking place.