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My Travel Map

26 March 2006

Fiji: Day 1

Hey everybody! Sorry no pictures yet...but I found out that I will definately be able to hook my camera up in New just a few more days and I will get all those out on here.
Fiji is beautiful as expected; humidity is a bit on the oppressive side though. Reminds me quite a bit of Puerto Rico actually. We went into Nadi town today, which was incredible. The locals/natives are super friendly, and the town is so different from anything you can find in the states or Canada. Everyone had a big smile on their face and said hello or good morning or "bula" (hello in the local tongue) passing by. I felt very welcome. The town is a good island town...but I'll talk about that and how it is different when I post the pictures. For now, just know I am here, staying in a hostel on the beach and pretty much just relaxing and sharing travel stories with the other guests, who are from all over. I have learned a ton about New Zealand too as many of the people here are coming from traveling out well for me! Alright, so more to come, I promise!


Adam Richie-Halford said...


I am extremely jealous but very happy to see that you are safe and having fun. Enjoy Fiji, take lots of pictures and post a whole lot about New Zealand so I know what to look forward to.


Susan said...

Bula! Well, I may get a chance to travel all over the world, and have been to many of the places you have either been to, or are going to...the difference is I never get the chance to experience them the way you do. Your bog is allowing me to do that! So thanks Drew. Looking forward to continuing to read more exciting stories from wherever you happen to be. Love you.....keep safe.